About Us

India has become one of the hottest adventure and travel destinations on the planet. Every 6 months or so, a million and more people come into the country looking for adventure, exotic experiences, unexplored landscapes, and some of the best riding terrains in the world!

The Bearclaw exists for these riders.

At The Bearclaw, we believe in making riding hassle-free, safer and just that much more accessible. With a wide range of premium riding and travel accessories on rent, riders don't need to carry bulky, heavy and expensive gear and equipment to and from their starting points. They can simply order what they need from The Bearclaw, and we'll make sure they have it on location, and in time for their ride.

Why Us

Riders have one less thing to worry about;  no heavy, bulky, expensive gear to transport
Gear for everyone; men and women, of all ages and sizes
Something for everyone; riding gear to navigation systems, action cameras to luggage
Easy to order, easy to return; delivery and pick up from all major towns in India
Have a rider who wants to try a new brand? Simply rent it from us
First-time pillion rider coming along? Don’t buy, just rent

How it Works

Visit www.thebearclaw.in
Choose the items, and make the payment online. A refundable security deposit amount will also be blocked for the duration of the ride.
Select the date and place of delivery, and the date and place for the return pick-up as well.
Use it, return it… it’s really that simple! (don’t even need to clean it, we’ll take care of that!)

If you are a tour operator or a ride organizer, you can contact us directly for special deals and direct processing for your customers.


Bearclaw is happy to partner with you directly so you can book products in bulk for your rides. Contact us directly for special packages and deals.
We ensure that all our products are completely ride-worthy, and as close to the original purchase condition as possible, This happens through our refurbishing process, where not only are our products re-furbished, but they are also certified ride-worthy by our team of experts.
We have almost everything a rider will need with the exception of helmets and footwear. Check out OUR GEAR list here.
Bearclaw will investigate the extent of the damage. If the product is deemed repair-worthy, we will have it picked up and repaired at no cost to you. If however, the product is damaged irreparably, you have the option to purchase the product from us, or surrender your safety deposit.
Our excellent sizing charts should help you to prevent that from happening. If however, you feel the need to have it exchanged, do note that we will take up to 2 days to deliver to some of the more remote locations in the country. You can plan accordingly. On the other hand, if you’re renting our products through one of our partner ride organizers, he/she should normally be able to get you a size replacement on the same day, so don’t forget to enquire.
Yes, it is possible based on our inventory and stocking at the moment. You will need to contact us directly.
You will pay 50% of the total rental amounts when you book. In addition, you will also need to make a refundable safety deposit of upto 30% of the value of the product with us. Once you have completed the ride, you can make the remaining payment of 50% upon returning the product damage free.

The Team

  • An avid motorcycle Traveller and backpacker!
  • A core member of Road Stallion's bullet club and into active business since last 6 years .
  • Enthusiastic business head of The BearClaw
  • IT Delivery Head by profession and avid motorcyclist by passion, Sumant has been maintaining his balance between both, Professional as well as Personal lives.
  • Sumant, a part of a Bullet Motorcycling Club “Road Stallions”, has been riding with the club for almost 9 years now and is considered a seasoned veteran. With the highest number of rides by any member - an astounding 90 rides - with the club so far, he’s an inspiration to all new members who join the club. His journey with the club has been fantastic so far, and he loves to watch the club grow - not just in terms of members, but in terms of riders. He’s really proud of the fact that he’s helped the club become one of the best known motorcycling clubs in the country.
  • He says…..
    “For me riding is a stress buster. Riding is my passion and it has made me learn a lot of things about life, it has made me a better, calmer person. I enjoy life while I am riding. It’s the best feeling when I am on the road riding my bike.
  • His passion has led him to becoming a part of this business and is working as an Operations Manager with The Bearclaw.
  • Founder member of Tasaa , with 20+ years of in-depth exposure to planning & implementing integrated business growth solutions. Currently designated as the Executive Director, possessing hands on experience managing Strategic Growth of organization, People development, Product development, Revenue Generation, Quality & Customer Negotiations and Client Communication programs.
  • Led and worked with people from multicultural environments, at positions demanding excellent organizational skills, clear communication and prompt decision-making.
  • Post Graduate in Business Management with specialisation in International Business, always looking forward to new challenges and starting a new venture comes easy to her.
  • Loves Traveling, Wine and exploring new cuisines …
  • Managing Director and Mentor at Tasaa , with 35 years of in-depth exposure in starting and running varied Businesses – Logistics, Transportation, Real Estate and Information Technology.
  • Believes in taking risks, is equally comfortable and at ease whether with a fresher / start up or a seasoned / accomplished individual.
  • Electrical Engineer by qualification, an avid Rock Music Fan, and an indulgent dad to 2 kids.
  • Apart from Financial expertise and Business acumen, he brings motivation and direction to the team as the senior most and seasoned member of The Bear Claw Team.

Contact Us

We work with partners across the country to bring our products to riders. If you want to offer our products and services to your customers, do get in touch with us. We promise they'll love you for it... and so will we!

Reach out to us - +91 22 28531717 | contact@thebearclaw.in

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